Memory Techniques To Have A Photographic Memory

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A photographic memory is the one that involves the ability of one’s mind to recall the pictures, images, words, names and facts with accuracy and high precision. Some people are born with such photographic memory which is also known as eidetic memory. While those are the blessed ones who inherit such memory technique from birth itself, there are others who train themselves to attain such abilities in their mind. Yes. One can be trained to have partial or utmost eidetic memory. There are certain memory techniques that will help you in achieving this goal. These activities we have mentioned below here that will be not only interesting for you but will also help in attaining photographic memory and boost memory power.

  • Associate with the images:

Try doing it in the 10 seconds of free time. Associate the name of the book that you read last with an image or where you kept your wallet with the image visualization. How much do you remember when you consciously make the recall. Now read the heading of a book or magazine lying nearest to you. Associate with some image and keep the book away. Now try to recall how many things did you notice about the picture and the heading. Try doing this fun exercise with yourself. It will help you to retain your memorizing abilities in much better way.

  • Repeat and remember:

Well there are different habits among people. Some do not remember the names of the people even if they meet often, while others do not remember the passwords of their important accounts. Well, there is a way to enhance your facts and figures remembrance skills. Just repeat the fact, data, name or the number that you want to remember. For example if you want to remember the new landline number of your house- repeat it for at least 10-15 times in your mind while walking around the place. Recall the repeat whenever it strikes you next and if you do not remember the number still, check where you wrote it and do repetition again for at least 10 times. This will increase the chances that you will remember the number now. Still if you do not remember it, repeat the practice.

This memory technique is very common. Although it implies a lot of hard work but the effort pays off in the end very well.

  • Practice association and visualization:

When you read something and if you intend to remember it, start associating the information with some pictures in your mind. It helps in memorizing the information in a better way. For example if you want to remember the recipe of your favorite dish, just see the pictures carefully. Next time when you try to recall the recipe, recall through the pictures and not be the sequence of writing. It gives you a better and clear idea of what to expect and what should you practice more.

There are books that help in increasing the power of photographic memories. As this is one of the favorite memory techniques among various people, they try to make use of the pictures to maximum extent.

Even the technique is implied instinctively with small children as they can also remember the pictures easily than words. Therefore their books have larger pictures than text.

Use the above mentioned memory techniques in practice and you will see the evident results sooner.