Resume Mistakes You Should Stop Making Now



Resume with mistakes are destined to get scanned and rejected immediately. Hiring managers access you based on the resume presented to them. Typos and grammatical errors are some common mistakes. These errors make you look unprofessional and unqualified. Making any such error will knock you out of job selection. Screening for any job vacancy is getting tougher day by day and resume is the first point of contact. Making sure any no mistake is done is crucial and this article will help you detect any such mistakes that can cost you the job:

  • Main resume killers: misspellings and grammatical errors:
    Spell check followed by proofreading on each word is necessary. It is hard to detect your own error but getting it checked by your career counselor, friend and family sounds like a good idea- says Prince Kapoor. A print out of your resume will help to check its font and any prominent or unnoticed error.
  • Using irrelevant keywords not matching to the job vacancy:
    Ignoring the relevancy of keywords is one big mistake that you are making. Recruiters select those who are the closest fit for the job profile. If the resume is not able to communicate the same by ignoring keywords, chances are high that your application will get rejected.
  • Using an outdated pattern:
    Many people make this mistake of not updating their resume with time. Keeping your resume updated increases your chances of getting selected. Recruiters look for candidates with unique qualities and resume. Therefore, using outdated pattern of resume, not including your id of your social media account (professional one) are some mistakes that you should not do.
  • Stuffing your resume with too much of information:
    Including every information about your last job is not required. Readers might find it exaggerated and not impressive. Just include those details that are important and relevant. Also keep in mind, your resume should not be more than one to two pages.
  • Career summary that doesn’t match with the job requirement:
    A career summary is the inshort of your profile. You need to be very specific and to the point with the summary. Your job summary should be in sink with the profile that you applied for. Include career summary only when you are able to match with many of the job requirements and skills

    There are various free resume designing tools that you can use to make your resume look updated and unique. First impression is said to be one that last long. Just make a note of above basic things will help you stay away from any blunder. I hope this article helped you to know about the mistakes that you need to avoid. In case of any query do let us know through your comments below.