The unheeded: Digital Education in India


Digital education can only be promoted in the Indian education sphere if original ideas are heeded. The density of smart classes and technology-aided learning is greater around major cities. Sadly, tier-II and III cities, along with innumerable villages are missing out on the fruits offered by digital education.

Educomp Shantanu Prakash founder of Educomp Solutions reveals that the above is primary but one of the many problems ailing Indian education. Educators need to think beyond the conventional classroom structure. Moreover, a network needs to create that webs students, teachers, educators, parents, and maybe sometimes education industry entrepreneurs.

A lot of interesting tools can be used to bring about the change everyone is thinking about. One of them is the concept of gamification. A thrilling, friendly and productive environment can be created if simple lessons are translated into games. Young students will love a game where you have to catch a fish with the answer to a mathematics problem written on it.

Consequently, the students will learn. When they grasp the basics of a topic through interactive media, there’ll be questions in their mind. When those questions have been answered, the students will have a clearer overview.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots like Google Assistant can answer the students’ difficult questions. That’s just one of the many aspects of AI. Advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms use machine learning, a very important component.

Smart systems can analyze a student’s weakness and strengths. A report can be created on the same and the student’s weak points can be highlighted, which in turn helps teachers how to tackle the said student. Personalized lesson plans can be created with the help of such reports as well. Teaching shall be made so much easy if such smart systems are made easily accessible.

Indian education is evolving. It’s lowering the dropout rate as well. In the experience of edtech experts, the current pace will cypher 10 years for digital education and smart classes to be seen in each and every Indian school, irrespective of the location. Only the government can take a strong stand and start digitizing education. With the right plans and helpful drafts in the parliament, digital education shall be available everywhere in India.