6 College Admission Questions That Will Decide Your Fate


College admission is an important process for students to get enrolled in a college of their choice. The interview is a procedure to know you as a person and evaluate your eligibility for the admission in the college. So it is a strategic part for the college admission committee and you have to prepare for the questions that you are likely to be asked in the interview.

So if you want to give your best in this part of the college admission interview, assignment writing services share some of the questions you should get prepared for:

1.     Tell Me About Yourself

This will be the first question you will be asked by the college admission committee. The question aims to explore you as a person including your interests, likes, dislikes and future ambitions. This will be important for the committee to form an opinion about your personality and help them decide whether or not you are the right fit for their college.

2.     Why You Chose This Major?

The college admission committee will be interested to know about your reasons to choose a college major. They want to learn about the things that fascinated you in the major and how it will help you achieve your academic goals. Be specific with your reasons and add weight to your points with examples.

3.     What Are Your Strong And Weak Points In Your Academic Affairs?

The college admission committee wants to learn about your strengths and weaknesses so that they can evaluate your candidacy in a course. Besides, they would want to judge your skills and abilities and what makes you deserve an admission in their college. So be particular about the strong points that could help you secure an admission in the college.

4.     How Do You See the Extracurricular Activities?

A college is a place where you are required to actively participate in recreational activities and events. There will be intercollegiate events and competitions where you will be required to represent your college. This is why the college admission panel would want to know your zeal for such activities and would be keen to know your enthusiasm in the extracurricular activities like debates, sports, music, and play.

5.     Why Do You Want To Get Admission In Our College?

Naturally, the college admission committee would want to know your reasons to choose their college. Therefore, you have to come up with some strong reasons that would convince them about your decision and they would consider you as the potential candidate for the admission. Again, you should be specific with your answers and angle them in a way that would persuade the committee members.

6.     What Are Your Future Ambitions?

The people in the college admission panel would want to learn your future goals and how do you plan to achieve those goals. Make sure that your answer goes with the course you intend to pursue in the college. This will beef up your reasons to choose the major that you intend to study in the college.

College admission interview is a criterion for a college to build the grounding for a potential candidate and make a decision based on the information given by the candidate. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for this crucial part of a college admission process.